Trade Finance Capital is a team of professional financiers and transport logistics experts. We go beyond availing you trade finance to also handle your international cargo shipment and transport logistics. We master-mind the entire manufacturing, supplying and payment chain in international trades.

Logistics is the major component of our esteemed services. We stand to handle all the difficulties you may encounter during your sales or purchase process down to cargo shipment and more. That is to say that we can move your goods to any destination around the world, ensuring they arrive in due time and the right order. Most times, we involve various intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions to finance your trade. That’s an additional incentive.

Land, Air, and Water Transportation

We maximize our global freight system, road feeder services, and information network to provide doorstep deliveries through various means of transportation. The entire system is backed by an agency that brings updates about the local condition and risk involved at each time. Through this means, we employ control measures to cause the smooth running of the system. Our exceptional expertise has made us a leader in the industry.

Warehousing and Distribution of Goods

Not minding how difficult your task may be or the location of your business, we optimize our warehousing capability and our distribution center worldwide to bring your products to your desired destination.

Customs Clearance and Cargo Insurance

Bother less about the customs clearance. Trade Finance Capital employs the best and advanced processes to communicate with the US customs service and some other agencies. In a bid to remain in compliance and avoid hiccups, we clear every duty required of us.

The integral part of securing your cargo, import, and export transaction is adequate insurance and underscoring that fact; we insure your freight anywhere in the world. We can also place contingency insurance at a reduced cost for adequate coverage.

Trade and Security Compliance

The key elements of our logistics solution include implementation and program management, analysis, standard operating procedures, efficiency, security, premium quality, audits, and facility review. 



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