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  • February 23, 2014
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tfc Trade Finance

Fast, Reliable and Cost-Effective | Viable Funding Options | Access to Collateral without collateral

In today’s economic market, when traditional finance
institutions can’t respond to your financial needs, we can!
48 – 144Hrs Turnaround Time 

 What Creative Solutions Do We Offer?

Trade Finance Services
Finance solutions to facilitate
growth in any foreign market
Financial Instruments
Increase trade facility with foreign 
suppliers with less risk of default
Capital Raising Solutions
Cost effective ways to raise
cash flow and working capital
Access to Collateral
Collateral for business loans
without tying up assets or cash

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Do you know that you can access Collateral without any collateral for your Business through us? A large portion of businesses operating globally are unable to access funding due to lack of collateral. Collateral transfer facilities can enable you to access collateral from providers for a given tenure. The collateral is backed by assets/cash issued by a financial institution on behalf of an applicant. Collateral in the form of (a)demand guarantee (the Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit) or (b) Letter of Credit towards the Beneficiary in return for a ‘rental’ or ‘return’ also known as the ‘Contract Fee’… read on

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Trade Finance Capital works with hand in gloves Albatross Fund to primarily assist prospective client’s access collateral without collateral.

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